Start an Online Business with Affiliate Marketing and start making money!

Maybe you didn’t know but, affiliate marketing is Big business. It’s genius in fact when it comes to making money online.

What better way to get the word out about products and services online than doing so through affiliate marketing, right? Why? Because affiliate marketing platforms allow you to make money without having your own product to sell.

The original/old school way of advertising was word-of-mouth. Affiliate marketing is word-of-mouth advertising for the new age, the internet age.

My company had permanently closed: I was unemployed and broke, so that started my search online to find ways to make money. I understand that if you have been searching for how to make money online for any amount of time, it can become overwhelming. It can become confusing. It’s called information overload.

Finding all of the information (in terms of setting up and running your campaign correctly)can be daunting. Like searching for a needle in a haystack or searching for that one missing puzzle piece. My objective is to help you with finding a platform with a great money-making affiliate product.

For the longest time, I myself, had many sleepless nights, due to searching for the how to’s. Listen, making money online is a skill. Strategies are set up for a reason. There is a strategy for every business model.

Creating a passive income is the goal. With recurring monthly commissions, high one-off commissions, and second-tier commissions, you will have a great source of passive income. One or more of these can place you in the category of passive income. You won’t be required to work on this daily in order to maintain it. This is where the term, “earn money while you sleep” comes from. It’s a literal term. Yes, money can be made while you are asleep.


Making money is the name of the game and using a variety of tools like; software and keyword research tools will make your affiliate marketing journey coast easier. You can use link shortener, com or, etc to hide your affiliate link. This just makes the affiliate link (which is usually long) look more presentable. Or if you are familiar with WordPress, many affiliate link plugins are free to use. And Grammarly is a must-have for your content writing because it checks for grammatical errors as well as punctuation errors.

Your websites and or blogs create an online presence that builds influence and authority. A best practice, therefore, is to promote products that you can relate to, it makes content creation easier.

Serving people is why we are here. We find and recommend solutions to their problems. The more people connect and resonate with your message the more your clicks will convert into commissions. Affiliate marketing is a wonderful way to cast your business online and become the entrepreneur you’ve dreamed of.

What’s not to like? If you want to be an entrepreneur / be in business for yourself, affiliate marketing is a perfect way to start. You get to promote products that appeal to you that you don’t have to create yourself.

Many products promoted by affiliate marketers would interest their current business customers. People start businesses in areas where they have previous knowledge. Choosing affiliate products along those lines means content can do double duty. And, your customers will likely want to hear more about them.

In this way, affiliate programs offer additional streams of income for online business owners.

“Some things to be aware of in your affiliate marketing pursuit”

You need to make sure that there are no commission LEAKS on the page.

That is, you need to make sure that the vendor hasn’t inadvertently (or deliberately) set up the page in a way that hijacks your commission link or decreases the conversion rate.

Here’s what to look for:

Pop up screens with affiliate links.

Any type of links or advertisements to other offers on the web page.

Non-essential links (basically, anything that doesn’t point to an order form like a blog link, other products, etc).

Other forms of payment for which the affiliate doesn’t get payment.

A newsletter subscription form, where the newsletter content itself overrides the affiliate cookie.

Yes, we all want to make money, but marketing online should always be about adding value. If you neglect to provide the customer with value-packed information then you’ve lost a customer thus losing a commission.


Front-end sales potential is great, but the goal is to create recurring income, they pay you over and over. Therefore, when researching look for products that have upsells and downsells; these create monthly recurring income. Or, a stand-alone affiliate product that pays out big commissions and has multiple streams of income built-in. This will increase your sales conversions in a big way. I learned by aligning myself with a high-paying affiliate program: check it out here →

Always moving forward,